A Perfect Example of a Multifunctional Backpack!

Luna Afroz

Posted on September 16 2020

multifunctional backpack


Sustainable Backpack
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The LUNA Eco backpack is a gorgeous backpack, a perfect example of a multifunctional bag that can accommodate all sorts of loadouts, from being the camera bag for photographers, laptop backpack for travel bloggers and for people who just want a backpack to carry their valuable goods and everything in between. It is quite sturdy. With its timeless design and quality, this durable bag will you for years. It is super spacious - making it easy to fit a laptop for a work trip or any outdoor fun activity. One thing that is very close to us is that the LUNA collection is completely environmentally friendly and it is vegan and animal cruelty free. LUNA’s Eco Collection is made out of sustainable and renewable sources. Each bag is made with recycled plastic bottles, plant-based faux leather, algae based foam and, best of all, their bags are water resistant. This unisex bag can easily be used by my husband, by myself or my daughter.

Checkout the Luna’s Eco Backpack Bag

You can learn more about sustainable materials used in this collection here: https://lunabags.com/pages/about-us  


Sustainable Backpack

During these unprecedented times when our homes have also become home office for the most of us, you sometimes just need to go to the closest coffee shop to break the monotony from your daily routine. This is when LUNA comes in most handy. The LUNA backpack has enough space to carry everything you need to continue working even outside your work space including laptop, iPad, headphones, notepads and a drink.

Eco-Friendly Backpack

Eco Backpack Bag

Times when we prefer road trips instead of flying to a far flung destination, carrying everything becomes necessary and is the new normal. My daughter loves taking her basic stuff along with all the random things to keep her busy on vacations and the LUNA bag comes to her rescue as it can easily organize her things in the two zippers of this uniquely designed backpack. She can easily fit her iPad, Nintendo, headphones, her painting essentials including her swimsuit and a towel. The size of the bag is perfect for kids to even use it as a school backpack.

Recycled Backpack Bag

Sustainable Backpack

Oh! And how can we forget about all the outdoors weekend trips that we make during summers. The LUNA Eco Backpack is coming in very handy on all our random hiking trips, lake trips and picnics during this summer. With multiple pockets and two zippers I can easily arrange the things we need for our outdoor trips.

Sustainable Backpack


Eco Backpack Bag

The LUNA bag is designed so beautifully that it  looks great with any outfit and is available in two neutral colours i.e. olive green and grey and costs $235.

If you are looking for a multifunctional, sustainable bag which can be used by any family member then LUNA Sustainable Fashion Brand is your answer!! With its chic plant based faux leather detailing it can easily be used as a backpack or one shoulder bag. Which one do you prefer?


Luna Eco Backpack

Luna Eco Convertible Bag


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