Meet Our Team

Luna Afroz - Luna Bags Founder

Luna Afroz

My name is Luna Afroz. I am the Founder of Luna Bags. I was
born in a Jute mills campus in Bangladesh. Jute is a sustainable and renewable fiber like hemp. My dad worked as a senior manager in the Jute mills industry. I always wanted to do something in sustainability – I was inspired by what my dad did for his living. I lost my dad at the tender age of 21.

I moved to the San Francisco Bay area so that I could be in the startup eco system. Co-incidentally, around the same time, I adopted my two cats. Since my childhood, I struggled with consuming food. I always used to question myself why we need to take an animal’s life away for our sustenance. That question became louder and louder after I adopted my two furry kids. Within a few months, after going through some challenges, I became a vegan and adopted a plant-based diet.  

The concept of my business came from my feelings for my loved ones. I launched Luna Bags – I wanted to make products for everyone – that’s why we make unisex bags. I also wanted to ensure that our bags are sustainable and cruelty-free.

I have about 17+ years of work experience in various Fortune 500 and Big 4 companies in the area of technical product management. I also founded The Orora Filmmakers’ Group – an independent filmmakers’ group that created, managed and promoted independent films.

My life long goal is to make this world a better place through entrepreneurship, innovation and via providing a voice for the voiceless - the animal inhabitants of this world!

Kevin Costello

As the Lead Designer for Luna Bags, Kevin brings over 20 years of experience in the accessories industry, including design tenures at Ralph Lauren, Coach, and more. His passion for artistry, materials, and metal work allows him to incorporate highest quality design elements into the creation of sustainable products. Kevin shares the company’s vision for a socially and environmentally conscious world—one where the products we make and the materials we use can make a difference in the world.

Ankita Kaushal

Ankita Kaushal brings in her vast experience and entrepreneurial spirit to the company. She has prior experience forming and managing a boutique marketing agency. Ankita is in charge of strategizing and managing the company's social media and community outreach programs.