Sustainable Lifestyle: Why I Switched to Reusable Tote Bag

Luna Afroz

Posted on September 24 2022

Sustainable Lifestyle: Why I Switched to Reusable Tote Bag

Considering the sustainable lifestyle, many of you might not be aware that it took 12 million trees to produce paper shopping bags every year in the United States. However, the average plastic bag has a lifespan of just 15 minutes before becoming trash. And this is the biggest reason people are moving towards a sustainable lifestyle and switching to the eco tote bag. Americans use around 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually, and only 10% to 20% are recycled. However, people do not have much time to research all the possible ways to positively impact the environment with small steps such as using recycled tote bags. My journey to a sustainable lifestyle began when I read an article explaining how plastics destroy our mother earth. When you see these statistics and observe how many animals and fish are being killed because we humans dump plastic into oceans, it will change your perspective on buying something made out of plastic, even though it is a small grocery bag. So today, with the help of this blog post, I want to share with you what made me switch my lifestyle towards being eco-friendly.


The Impact Of Single-Use Shopping Bags:


The single-use shopping bags are hazardous for numerous reasons; firstly, they take up surplus space in landfills. Secondly, when we throw them away, the plastic breaks down and releases toxic chemicals into the soil and water. After reading this, if you are not satisfied enough to ditch plastic shopping bags, that means in the up-coming year, the statistics will be in billions. American uses hundreds of disposable shopping bags each year. Which is 100 billion total, and that's like ten super-sized grocery stores worth of single-use shopping bags per year. Moreover, most people do not realize that their local grocery store offers these single-use plastic bags, putting tons of pressure into our ecosystem. This reason is probably enough to make people switch to sustainable tote bags and contribute to saving nature.


Why Are People Switching To Sustainable Bags?


Men and women have used bags worldwide to make their imprint as fashion since the beginning. A perfect bag can boost your style outcome whether you are attending a casual gathering, a corporate event or any special occasion. As soon as people become aware of environmental conservation, they find new ways to become more sustainable. Teenagers are increasingly minimizing their use of harmful things in favour of biodegradable materials such as jute and cotton. And This is why people are saying a big yes to sustainable shopping bags.


Sustainable and eco-friendly bags are reusable as they are made of recycled materials such as paper, cotton, canvas, and jute. You can get plenty of choices for eco-friendly tote bags, canvas bags, duffle bags, and beach bags.


Advantages Of Sustainable Bags:


Below are some benefits of sustainable bags, which will clarify why you should switch to reusable bags.



Sustainable bags are highly durable, especially cotton and jute bags, as they provide a more robust and extensive solution than plastic bags. These bags won't tear if they get stuck in something and the fabric used in these bags is stable enough that you may fill them at the top, and they won't explode.

Eco-Friendly Bags 

2. Comfortable-

The handles on the bags are frequently ergonomic due to fabric like cotton. The handles allow the user to carry the bags comfortably despite their weight.


3. Fashionable accessory-

Different bags like sustainable beach bags, paper bags, and jute bags are available in the market that can be used to describe your fashion statement. All these eco-friendly bags can go well with all kinds of outfits.


4. Cost-effective-

Cotton, jute, canvas, and paper bags are more cost-effective in the long run and can last up to 50 times more than plastic bags. Eco-friendly bags are made of strong fibres, holding many things inside them, making you worry less about their damage.


Why Are Reusable Tote Bags A Good Alternative?


As I discussed above, Americans use billions of plastic bags every year. This truth is so shocking, and also it is the primary reason why I switched to reusable tote bags. Moreover, reusable bags are not only environmentally concise, but they also save a lot of money. When I purchased my eco-friendly tote bag, I discovered how convenient it was to avoid single-use plastic bags. Now I can buy groceries without stressing about leaking or spilling anything, plus I don't have to pay for an extra plastic bag.


Reasons To Avoid The Plastic And Choose Tote Bags:


Although there are numerous benefits to choosing tote bags or any other reusable bags, here are some primary benefits. The foremost benefit is that reusable bags protect from debris and germs; studies show more than ten times as many bacteria per square inch on disposable bags as on your hands. In addition, germs get easily transferred to your food or anything else, like on your car seat or at your office desk. The second reason is that it helps to reduce trash, plastic bags take up to thousands of years to break down, but they can do tremendous damage by getting entangled in trees and harming animals that mistakenly consume them as their food. According to an estimation, around 100 billion plastic shopping bags end up as trash in the United States. The last primary reason is it saves money; you don't need to buy plastic shopping bags for life and invest in a quality reusable bag that will last for years and help to protect the environment.


How To Pick The Right Eco-Friendly Reusable Bag:


Whenever you are ready to buy a reusable bag, make sure it is durable and high-featured so it can last longer. Moreover, it would help if you also focused on choosing the right size that works for you. If you are going out with kids, you will need a giant bag to carry your stuff. Or maybe if you have a lot of groceries from the store, you will need a much larger bag, so the items don't pop out on the top. Moreover, the fabric and stitching of your reusable bag should be sturdy enough to handle heavy grocery items like milk jugs or canned products without tearing.


Final Thoughts:


There are many e-commerce platforms from which you can get the perfect eco-friendly tote bag. With the help of this blog, I have shared why I switched to reusable tote bags. Hopefully, this post will help you if you are trying to start a sustainable lifestyle.

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