The World is Shifting Towards Vegan Lifestyle

Luna Afroz

Posted on October 18 2021

Vegan Lifestyle

Vegan Fashion

Vegan fashion has become a sort of new movement across the world. Whether it is about saving the environment or animals, more and more entrepreneurs are coming forward to bring this new fashion trend to life.

In general, when people hear the word “vegan”, they can only think about eating plant based food. But they don’t think about the other aspects, which includes the use of products that by all means are eco-friendly.

While there are literally hundreds of ways to protect our environment, we would specifically talk about one today. That is recycling!

Indeed it has become the need of the hour. Vegan fashion companies are coming up with news ideas everyday to use recycled material. This may include plastic bags, water bottles, disposable cutleries, etc.

But is it the only reason to shift towards vegan fashion and lifestyle? Or there are more? Let’s find out!


Top Reasons to Shift Towards Vegan Fashion

1. Vegan Lifestyle is Affordable

Fur and animal based leather is, of course, a tad bit more expensive due to the use of animal skin. Plus it is handcrafted and the production involves the use of different expensive chemicals. 

While it’s demand for vegan products is growing day by day, it’s still less in comparison to the animal based leather. So, if you are someone who shops based on pricing, then we highly recommend you to shift towards a vegan lifestyle now!


2. Vegan Products are Durable

Vegan movement started in the early 1960s. It will be fair to say that the world lacked the required technology to build durable products using vegan materials.

But nowadays, vegan fashion companies are using technology at its best to build durable products. By durability, we mean items that last longer for upto 2 or 3 years. And when you consider all the factors like no cruelty on animals and price, this durability seems promising.


3. Vegan Fashion is Available in All Categories

As the vegan trend is going viral, a lot of brands (both new and established) are picking up the pace and launching unique products. Be it makeup, skin care, clothing, accessories or even shoes, vegan products are available across all the categories.

So, irrespective of your gender you can easily choose and adopt the veganism culture.

Are you in search of a good brand to adopt vegan fashion? Check out the line up of our vegan bags here, that are both practical and stylish.

So, if you are someone who shops based on pricing, then we highly recommend you to shift towards a vegan lifestyle now!


4. Vegan Fashion is a New Trend

With the pandemic, people have now become aware that animals do spread diseases. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, 60% of all and 75% of new or emerging infectious diseases in humans originate from animals.

When this came into the picture, people started following the new trend “veganuary”. It is a charity registered in Wales (England) that runs an annual challenge and inspires people to choose a vegan lifestyle.

But you will say that this trend relates more to food, right?

So, here’s one more thing that we are sure most of you won’t know! A lot of celebrities like Miley Cirus and Kate Mara are helping the fashion industry to become eco-friendly. As both of them have a huge fan following, we can only imagine how many people they are going to inspire to adopt vegan fashion.

Aren’t these reasons enough? No? Well, here’s the most important!


5. Vegan Fashion is Sustainable

The actual meaning of sustainable is “fulfilling our needs without compromising with the ability of future generations to meet theirs”. 

When we use products that are built using fur and leather, we are supporting animal killings. Also, the use of materials developed using non-biodegradable and non-renewable resources harm the planet earth, by participating in global warming.

As a lot of animal species have now become endangered and global warming is at an all time high, our ecosystem has changed evidently.

Thus, a lot of brands use eco-friendly materials for building vegan leather. This is generally made of hemp or cotton, algae, plant based sources and even recycled polyester. All of it, one way or another, helps us to save the environment.

Already convinced to live a vegan lifestyle (not just food)? Wondering, how to evaluate which vegan product is eco-friendly, reliable and durable? Worry not, we will give you all the information that you need!


How to Evaluate if a Fashion Product is Vegan or Not?

First things first, vegan brands commit their products to be cruelty free. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that every animal free item is vegan.

To identify if a brand is vegan or not, you need to check the materials they are using for the manufacturing. A fashion item usually requires different materials like lining, structure, canvas, leather, etc.

So, we advise you to explore their website and look for the materials section. For example, we are a vegan fashion company and have mentioned the type and quality of materials utilized in the production of our sustainable bags.


Different Types of Vegan Textiles

There are a significant number of companies that use vegan material, which is both sustainable and cruelty free. If you are ready to choose a vegan lifestyle, here’s a list of vegan textiles that we recommend you to choose:

1. Polyurethane Leather: Items made using plastic are lying across oceans and beaches in different parts of the world. And we all know about the harmful impact that plastic imposes on our environment. 

Thus, a lot of vegan fashion companies took the initiatives to utilize the discarded plastic bottles and fishnets. The vegan leather made using such plastic materials is both durable and helps us to save environment by following the third “R” i.e. “recycle” of waste management rule.

2. Plant Based Vegan Leather: Yes, plant-based leather is a real thing. Some of the popular crops from which plant-based leather is extracted are algae, corn, mushrooms, cactus, green tea leaves, etc. 

Surprisingly, plant-based leather looks and feels very similar to real leather. But in reality, it is both cruelty-free and eco-friendly. 

3. Recycled Plastic with Plant Based Materials: We all know about the harmful impacts that plastic imposes on our environment. Thus, a lot of companies took this initiative to recycle the plastic collected from different beaches around the world.

You will find this material being utilized primarily for bags and shoes.

4. Modal Fabric: It is another vegan fabric extracted from wood pulp. This fabric is usually combined with other fabrics like cotton and spandex to increase the strength. You will be amazed to know that this material was discovered originally in the 1950's in Japan.

You can consider this material for purchasing undergarments, pyjamas, bed sheets or towels.

5. Hemp Fabric: Extracted from the Sativa plant family of cannabis, it is considered as one of the most durable plant based fabrics. Historically it was utilized for building ropes and sails, both of which require utmost strength. 

Additionally, this material absorbs moisture easily, prevents the formation of bacteria and is easily recyclable. This fabric is also utilized for manufacturing t-shirts, dresses, hoodies and other apparels.


Final Words

Leading a vegan lifestyle is a good step to saving both our environment and our health. And we have given you enough reasons to get started right away! Not just that, we have also provided you enough information to choose the right fabrics as well.

However, if you still want to test the quality of vegan leather or products, we suggest you to get started with accessories. What could be the best product other than bags, right? Check out our collection of handbags, backpack and convertible bags now!

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