Luna Eco Convertible Bag

Luna Eco Convertible Bag

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Meet our stylish Luna Eco Convertible Backpack. Why convertible? This bag can be worn as a mini backpack or a shoulder bag. Its perfect compact shape gives you all the benefits of a backpack without the bulkiness or weight. Sleek, refined, and made with eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials, this mini backpack/ shoulder bag is ideal for work and weekends. Chic vegan leather detailing gives this convertible bag a boost of sophistication for everyday use.

This mini backpack/shoulder bag is unisex. This will look good on those who identify themselves either as men or women.

Features of Sustainable Vegan Convertible Backpack

  • One exterior pocket with flap
  • One zipper pocket
  • Two 20" straps (at the shortest setting) - for backpack usage
  • One 42" strap (at the shortest setting) - for shoulder bag usage
  • Four purse feet


Height 11 1/2“ X Width 10 1/2” X Depth 3 1/2”


  • Body canvas:
    • 50% Recycled Plastic (RPET)
    • 50% Cotton
  • Lining material:
    • 55% Recycled Hemp
    • 45% Recycled Organic Cotton
  •  Vegan Leather:
    • 73% Plant based sources
  • Filler material:
    • 30% Algae


- Body canvas is certified by Cradle to Cradle

- Durable Water Resistant (DWR) solution is certified by BlueSign

More Reasons to Love Our Convertible Backpack

Our Luna Eco Convertible Backpacks are for those who prefer versatile and minimalistic lifestyles. You can easily carry all your essentials in this bag (ex: phone, tablet, glasses, makeup bag). This is a truly convertible backpack i.e. you can carry it over your shoulder or wear it on your back. The bag has three different straps to support this flexibility. This product is unisex. Therefore, this can be used as either a man's or woman’s convertible backpack.  

Luna Bags are made with sustainable and cruelty-free materials. We used recycled materials in all our bags. Our current set of recycled materials are made from recycled plastic and recycled fiber (ex: hemp, organic cotton, etc.). Our vegan leather is primarily (more than 70%) made out of plant-based materials. And what’s fascinating is that we have used an innovative algae based thermoplastic filler material in our bags.

The recycled plastic that we used in the body canvas of this convertible backpack/shoulder bag is made from discarded plastic bottles that have been collected from the shores of Haiti and Honduras to clean up their environment. The algae has been extracted from our ponds to clean up our natural water resources. Algae is beneficial to our environment because it absorbs water and air pollutants (ex: CO2). However, excess algae can be bad for our environment. The innovative algae based material in our products have been made using these excess algaes.

At Luna, our journey is just beginning. We will bring you more exciting products that are pleasing to the eyes yet gentle to Mother Nature. Please support us and purchase our Luna Eco Convertible Backpack today!

 Luna Eco Convertible Bag

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