11 Vegan Fashion Icons: Inspiring Change in the Industry

Ankita Kaushal

Posted on July 24 2023

Vegan Fashion Icons

In recent times, the fashion industry has witnessed a significant shift towards sustainability and ethical practices.

Vegan fashion, in particular, has gained immense popularity as consumers have become more and more conscious of their choices and their impact on the environment and animals.

This article celebrates 11 remarkable vegan fashion brands who have been at the forefront of this movement, inspiring change, and redefining the way we perceive cruelty-free fashion.

Luna Bags: Functional and Sustainable

Luna bags is the premier destination for chic, functional, and sustainable bags. With a focus on environmentally friendly and cruelty-free practices, we champion slow fashion and believe in changing the world through conscious choices. Our designs blend style with sustainability, and our limited production runs ensure uniqueness while reducing waste.

At Luna, we embrace a comprehensive approach to sustainability throughout the product lifecycle. Join us in making a positive impact through smart fashion choices.

Stella McCartney: Pioneering Sustainable Luxury

Stella McCartney, a renowned British fashion designer, has been a pioneer in the world of sustainable luxury. She established her eponymous brand, emphasising cruelty-free materials, ethical production, and innovative design.

McCartney's commitment to animal rights has set a standard for other luxury brands, encouraging them to adopt more sustainable practices.


Willa Mackenzie: Redefining Activewear

Willa Mackenzie is a trailblazer in the activewear industry, challenging the notion that fitness and fashion can go hand in hand with ethical values. Her brand, Willa Active, offers stylish and eco-friendly activewear that are made from recycled materials. By promoting a healthy and compassionate lifestyle, Mackenzie has become an inspiration to fitness enthusiasts worldwide.


Malin Landaeus: Embracing Upcycling

Swedish designer Malin Landaeus is celebrated for her innovative approach to fashion through upcycling. Her label creates unique pieces using discarded materials and, thereby, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Landaeus' work showcases that fashion can be both artful and eco-conscious.


Matt & Nat: Ethical Accessories

Matt & Nat, a Canadian brand founded by Inder Bedi, is making waves in the accessories market. Their name is short for "Materials and Nature," reflects their commitment to using sustainable and cruelty-free materials in crafting their products. From vegan leather handbags to sleek wallets, they prove that fashion can be chic, ethical, and compassionate.


Emily Kate Symes: Sustainable Footwear

Emily Kate Symes, an Australian designer, has emerged as a leading figure in the world of sustainable footwear. Her brand focuses on creating stylish shoes without compromising on ethics or the environment. Symes shows that beautiful footwear can be cruelty-free and sustainable.


Vaute Couture: Vegan Winter Wear

Vaute Couture, founded by Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgard, is a revolutionary brand that challenges the notion that winter wear must involve animal-derived materials. Their collection of vegan coats and winter accessories showcases that warmth and fashion can go hand in hand with compassion.


James & Co: Empowering Women

James & Co is an ethical outerwear brand that empowers women through its fashion-forward designs. Founded by Anne Hurley, the brand uses cruelty-free materials to create stylish jackets and coats, ensuring that fashion can be a force for good.


Jill Milan: Redefining Luxury

Jill Milan, created by Jill Fraser and Milan Lazich, is a luxury brand that doesn't compromise on ethics. Their exquisite handbags, clutches, and accessories are made from sustainable and vegan materials, proving that luxury can be cruelty-free.


Brave GentleMan: Ethical Menswear

Brave GentleMan, founded by Joshua Katcher, is a groundbreaking brand that focuses on ethical menswear. Their collection ranges from suave suits to casual streetwear, all crafted from animal-friendly materials, providing men with sustainable and stylish choices.


Angela Roi: Vegan Elegance

Angela Roi is a luxury handbag brand that showcases the epitome of vegan elegance. Their meticulously crafted bags, free from animal-derived materials, demonstrate that luxury and style can be cruelty-free.



The vegan fashion movement is no longer just a trend; it's a transformative force that's shaping the future of the fashion industry.

These 11 vegan fashion brands exemplify what it means to be conscious consumers, proving that fashion can be a powerful tool for change.

By embracing cruelty-free materials and sustainable practices, they have paved the way for a more compassionate and environmentally responsible fashion world.



Q1: Is vegan fashion limited to casual wear?

No, vegan fashion spans varieties of styles, including casual, formal, activewear, and even luxury items. There's a wide range of options available to suit different preferences.

Q2: Are vegan fashion products durable?

Yes, many vegan materials, such as vegan leather and recycled fabrics, are designed to be durable and long-lasting, making them a great alternative to traditional materials.

Q3: How can I support the vegan fashion movement?

You can support the vegan fashion movement by choosing cruelty-free and sustainable fashion brands, spreading awareness about ethical fashion, and encouraging others to make conscious choices. Ankita, can we mention Luna Bags here?

Q4: Is vegan fashion more expensive?

While some vegan fashion products may be priced similarly to luxury items, there are also affordable options available from various brands.

Q5: Can vegan fashion be as stylish as traditional fashion?

Absolutely! Vegan fashion has come a long way in terms of style and design, offering trendy choices without compromising on ethics.


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