"Benefits Of Plant-Based Product"

Luna Afroz

Posted on November 08 2022

"Benefits Of Plant-Based Product"


As for now, you might have come across numerous benefits of plant-based products in your diet and other daily routine activities. People who follow the vegan lifestyle know the key benefits of living a pure and healthy life. If we consider using vegan products, which means they are made of plants, we can contribute to saving the planet and the lives of animals. Moreover, when it comes to vegan activities, the fashion industry has been a critical area to target to help improve animal welfare and rights, along with improving the industry standards and environmental impact due to shifting to vegan fabrics alternatives.


A cluster of materials is used in manufacturing fashion products derived from animals, like silk, wool, feather, and, most commonly, leather. But those who belong to the vegan world struggle to remove animal products entirely from the industry. But with the frequent adoption of veganism, many famous fashion brands are changing direction concerning the fabrics used in their manufacturing. 


Numerous brands are switching to plant-based fabrics. Brands have realised the impact of their manufacturing which leads them to make changes in their processing. This is why high-street fashion designers are all providing vegan fur alternatives to improve their agricultural footprint while targeting audiences that are or have now turned towards veganism in their everyday life.


Benefits Of Vegan Products:


 1. The welfare of animals-


The foremost reason why using clothes made of plants in the fashion industry is a better option is for animal freedom and welfare. The animal welfare act was approved in 2006, hoping that animals could be saved from cruelty. Although, all these activities have proved to be insufficient to entirely remove the use of testing on animals and using their materials for fashion 

 Let's talk about a specific country like the United Kingdom. Here the social activists took a stand against the cruelty being done to the animals. They have the most demanding animal testing rules and regulations and are becoming more active in not purchasing products that violate the Animal Rights Act. This is a step forward but cannot be defined as perfect because animals are still used for the sake of fashion products despite their living conditions; the ultimate aim is to use them. 

However, in 2015 and 2016, the UK political parties suggested policies to improve animal welfare. The guidelines included were- ending the badger cull, removing wild animals from circuses, and boosting other EU countries to follow the UK's footsteps and lead the fight against animal cruelty worldwide. 

 With the help of advanced technology, especially social media, more and more activists search for places to increase their reach of messages to discard cruelty against animals from the world, which has risen among vegan activists. Moreover, with the help of social media platforms, they are also focusing on explaining what does plant-based means


2. Vegan materials look amazing-


Vegan fashion might initially get a bad reputation, but when you see this with a viewpoint of the environment, you can start loving vegan, eco-friendly clothing

You will find multiple small to big brands promoting vegan fur these days in the current market, but only a fur expert can tell the difference between animal fur and vegan substitute. As a result, the fashion industry can replace animal products with vegan substitutes. 

The colour palette of vegan leather is so vast that you can find every tone in the colour chart. Moreover, fabrics such as vegan leather are more accessible to colour and dye, which means you can get additional colours that will match your outfit, similar to leather while appearing to look and feel like leather. However, the process is more challenging than using genuine leather. I often find this thing confusing at first. 


vegan lifestyle


3. Vegan materials are just as long-lasting-


A broad misunderstanding is that the sustainability and durability of vegan products are long-term. But after all, misled minds believe that if a product is made of plants, it can be weak too. Vegan leather is just as long-lasting and durable as traditionally used leather. Therefore, while looking for a leather product, you can find durable, stylish and eco-friendly vegan options by adjusting your mind to look at vegan alternatives.


4. There are vegan alternatives for most animal materials-


As the fashion world is growing with that, the scope of vegan alternatives is also increasing. You can see that organic cotton is now being developed and having a better impact on the environment because of how it is sourced. In addition, seaweed is also sourced and used to produce fashion garments. The seaweed plant is crushed, ground, and merged with cellulose fibre to transfer to the vegan fashion fabric. Moreover, there are some health benefits to using the product. 

You can use everything from linen, wood, RPET, soy, vegan leather and vegan hemp. All these are the high-quality materials that big fashion brands are focusing on vegan materials and ranges and are looking to use to ensure they are improving animal welfare and taking care of their customers. 


5. Impact on the environment-


Making a cotton shirt takes around 2700 litres of water, sufficient for a human to consume for two and a half years. Moreover, with factories based in Asian countries, fashion products are still made using coal-fired electricity, which impacts our carbon footprint globally.  

 Vegan activists also believe that the world's deforestation is occurring due to the fashion industry. This is because of the sourcing of unsustainable materials within the fashion industry. 


Final Thoughts:


As humans, it becomes our primary responsibility to work towards saving nature and wildlife. Fashion brands are becoming aware of all the disasters happening around the environment, making them aware of veganism. This is why many brands are switching to natural products and are using eco-friendly products in their manufacturing. Whether you talk about clothes, shoes, or accessories, you can find an organic vegan clothing alternative for all these and hence can incorporate using and supporting ethical fashion and brands. 


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