Top X Ways for Impactful And Easy Tips For Sustainable Living

Luna Afroz

Posted on October 28 2022

Top X Ways for Impactful And Easy Tips For Sustainable Living

Over the past few years, the condition of our planet has changed dramatically. Economic development, demographic growth, and demand for natural resources are happening at the cost of the environment. Luckily, more people have become aware of how humans affect the planet and act according to it, which means they are leaning towards sustainable habits. It is the responsibility of every citizen to save and take care of biodiversity, fight against pollution, and ensure people make a move towards veganism. 


However, sustainable living does not need to be complicated; it can be an easy process. It just will power and actions instead of being careless and ideal. With the help of this blog, we are listing out ten impactful and easy sustainable living tips that you can try to include in your life to make a positive move. Altogether, we can do something even if it is a small effort; every little step towards the environment has a positive impact, which matters. 


10 Ways For Impactful And Easy Tips For Sustainable Living:


Sustainable living does not mean you have to live an uncomfortable life. Instead, it means that you consciously think about the stuff and the energy you use and about the choices you make every day. Below we have mentioned some of the impactful and easy sustainability tips.


1. Avoid mindless consumption-


Changing consumption habits is the key when you want to enhance sustainable living. Everything you buy has an environmental impact, so you need to avoid buying as much as possible. So next time you want to purchase something, ask yourself the right question "Do You Need It?" Sometimes people buy things not because they want them but because they usually like them or that specific thing is in trend. You might not think that way about what will happen if you already own an item similar to that or how you will dispose of it after you are done using it. Also, to avoid regrets, do not go shopping when you are sad and try to stay away from malls. 


2. Start thrift shopping-


One of the easy ways to be more sustainable is to start second-hand shopping. When you refuse an existing item, you give items a new life and distract them from going to landfills. In addition, you are also not developing demand for a new thing to be produced, so lesser raw materials need to be extracted from the earth. While you shop second-hand, you can find some unique items in good condition and likely to be of better quality. However, looking for used clothing, you can see many apps to help you find excellent pieces. 


3. Promote eco-friendly and sustainable brands-


There can be situations where you cannot find something good in a thrift store; here, the best option you can choose is to buy things from ethical and sustainable brands. This can be the easy answer to how to become more sustainable. Brands that sell sustainable items like handbags and other accessories are more of an upfront investment, but the price reflects the quality. The product will last for years, and somehow you are also ensuring that it was manufactured sustainably and that the workers were fairly paid. When you support eco-friendly brands, you show companies that you want products to be made without harming animals and the environment. 


4. Start using reusable products-


Single-use products are used for a few minutes or seconds and then dumped into landfills, where they settle for hundreds of years. This ultimately impacts the environment by increasing pollution, which is incorrect, so avoiding investing in reusable products is better. You can start with your daily routine. Get a steel water bottle and refill it rather than buying plastic bottles. Use your disposable paper towels, and then get yourself cloth napkins. The same ethic applies to cutlery and straws; stop using the disposable option and switch to reusable choices. While shopping, say no to plastic bags and carry your reusable cotton bag. All these options are easy to incorporate into your routine, so slowly replace single-use plastic products with reusable alternatives.


vegan bag


5. Begin meal planning to avoid food wastage-


Many of you might not know that a third of the total food production is wasted each year. Most waste happens during production and transportation, but humans still destroy a significant part. Moreover, when we know that millions of people are starving, we cannot afford to waste so much food. One of the best ways to live more sustainably is to reassess what is in your fridge and pantry and donate to the food bank if you think you cannot have it. Now commit yourself to cooking only with the things you have on hand for a few days. You can go grocery shopping when you are not left with much. 


6. Select natural materials-


While buying new clothes or handbags, always choose natural fabrics instead of synthetic materials. Rather than buying clothes made of nylon or polyester, choose natural alternatives like hemp, cotton, and linen—synthetic sheds microplastic in water streams when you wash them, indirectly increasing water pollution. 


7. Get creative and repurpose things-


Before dumping your old clothes, think about how you can reuse them for other purposes. Let's say you can convert your old t-shirt into rags for cleaning and reuse your old socks for cleaning dust. Moreover, you can also reuse mail envelopes to make your shopping list. These small efforts can turn into more considerable changes towards protecting the environment.


8. Buy flawed fruits and vegetables-


While buying fruits and vegetables, do not rush for perfect ones; first, find the ones with some flaws because they are also tasty, fresh, and healthy to consume. It is important because if these fruits and vegetables are not sold by the end of the day, they are thrown away. Moreover, this thrown-away food ends up in landfills and does not decompose quickly. It releases methane gas, which is more hazardous than carbon-di-oxide. So before throwing away fruits or vegetables, try to make some new snacks. 


9. Use natural home-cleaning products-


The easiest way to live a sustainable life is to clean your house with non-toxic products like vinegar, lemons, and baking soda. When you use chemical-based products, you are polluting water bodies by pouring dangerous chemicals into the drain. Moreover, most of them are packed in plastic which is also harmful to live beings as it can result in various diseases.  


10. Learn the technique of recycling-


Although it is not ideal, as it uses a lot of energy and materials, recycling is still better than throwing away things. If you are unaware of the recycling process, you can contact different recycling facilities to know what they are collecting from your city. You can also look at their website to see what things can be recycled. It is necessary to be aware of the rules and conditions of the recycling process. If you put something in the trash that cannot be recycled, it ends up in the landfill.


Final Thoughts:


In the above blog, we have discussed ten ways to help you live a sustainable life. Although you cannot do everything, a small step taken by you towards sustainability can add up over time. By following the above tips, you can contribute to saving the planet and making it greener. 


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