What Difference Are Sustainable Bags Making In The Market Of Fast Fashion

Luna Afroz

Posted on November 18 2022

What Difference Are Sustainable Bags Making In The Market Of Fast Fashion


If you look at the statistics of environmental changes every year, that includes everything from flooding to climate change. The statistics of the rise of global temperature since 1981 has increased twice. Fashion has been a massive investor in our lives and in carbon emissions too. You will stun by knowing that the fashion industry is in 2nd position under the highest carbon emissions industrial sector. The core reason which is responsible for all the environmental crises that is going on recently is fast fashion. The question might arise inside all the readers' heads, why not can’t we switch off the production of fast fashion. Here are key reasons due to which you can not stop manufacturing of fast fashion:


1.Fast fashion clothes are cheap.

2. Fast fashion means trendy clothes, and this generation is mad about trends.

3. Clothes that are fast fashion have a huge contribution to the global economy.

4.Cheap labour charges.


Despite all the demerits of fast fashion these key reasons are keeping their production on. As we are aware of the root causing problems now the question arises what can we do regarding it? 

Where there's a problem the solution takes place too and the same way, to fight off fast fashion there are many running movements in the current era. Eco-friendly fashion, vegan fashion, sustainable fashion, etc. are some of these. You might have heard of sustainable fashion products majorly now. There are plenty of options under sustainable fashion in the current fashion market but you can not change your entire wardrobe in a day. But the question here is does something as small as sustainable bags make any difference? That is what you will find out in the following article. 


How can you define a sustainable bag?


When a bag is considered sustainable that means it is eco-friendly. Bags that claim to be sustainable are made out of eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, jute, canvas, etc. these are manufactured in a way to minimise carbon and water footprint on the environment. Sustainable bags are designed, crafted and developed in a way that advocates for the environment. Also these sustainable bags goes through questions like:


1. How much waste will these products be producing?

2. Will there be any significant amount of greenhouse gas produced by them?

3. Sustainable bags should be biodegradable and decompose easily.

4. It should not cause any environmental damage.

5. Sustainable bags are supposed to be durable enough, so that buyers can use them for a longer period of time. 


Do sustainable bags make any difference?  


Eco-friendly and sustainable items are the need of today’s and future’s era. Fast fashion has become significantly excessively dangerous to the ecosystem. Fashion industry alone emits over 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2, and 324 million barrels of oil yearly. A person owns around average 12 bags multiplying to the total number of people, you will get an even bigger number. Changing a bag will make a huge difference if (n) number of people will start this practice. There are many more aware customers these days due to which they prefer to buy from fashion brands that are sustainable, which all of us should be doing. Sustainable fashion promotes ethical practices of production which further also chime for good working conditions following ethical methods of production. 


 Vegan Fashion

How Fashion Industry And Brands Are Taking This Change?


In the above section of the article you might have already read about why sustainable fashion is important and what difference they are making in the world of fast fashion. It might seem like a small step because by just replacing your normal bags to sustainable bags, how it will make a huge difference. So, do not forget these sort of small steps do count when it comes to making big changes. Clothing brands that are ethical have already started working in this direction. Aware and conscious customers are already voting in the favour of  environmentally sustainable products with their choices and investments. 


What's The Relation Between Slow And Sustainable Fashion


Slow and sustainable fashion are both sister movements which solely focus on a single goal of making eco-friendly clothing/fashion. There are multiple sister movements, for instance, slow and ethical fashion, including minor branches of the fashion industry that includes better working conditions for workers, followed by labour working rights, animal welfare and no mass killing for fashion etc. The end goal of all such movements is to take off some stress from our ecosystem. That is why these fashion movements are also known as "anti-fast fashion." 


So do you think slow fashion and sustainable movement are the same things? The answer could be yes; they do resonate with each other to some extent; let's see how:


  1.  Both slow and sustainable fashion aim to keep the environment safe and create eco-friendly clothing for the present and future of fashion.  
  2. Clothing articles under slow fashion keep passing to new owners; they sustain over time, as these are durable and meet the true definition of sustainable clothing. 
  3. Sustainable clothing manufactures environmentally friendly clothes that sustain for longer periods of time, a tagline slow fashion promotes. 
  4. Slow-fashion clothes are easy to decompose, which makes them ever more environmentally friendly. 

So now you can conclude and say both slow and sustainable movements are different sides of a single coin. These movements advocate for the same thing keeping the single motive of serving environmental safety.


The Final Thought:


We live on this planet which we call our home, but we don’t live here alone. Keeping our ecosystem secure and safe is our priority and responsibility. Just because of our greed for fashion, we can not let thousands of animals go homeless. As said in the introduction of this article, everything gets impacted by our choice of fashion wear from climate changes to global carbon emissions. So when you start wheel drive, this ecological car is mindful and selfless. 


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