What Is Circular Fashion? Future Of Sustainable Style

Luna Afroz

Posted on July 17 2022

What Is Circular Fashion? Future Of Sustainable Style

The new purchasing habits of conscious customers and their focus and knowledge on the circular economy fashion are the reason for a new generation of ethical, sustainable or ecological clothing brands that started to compete within the fashion market in a very dynamic way. The concept is now in the limelight with the new values of authenticity and values. The destruction done by the fashion industry is not new, and we are equally responsible for the causes.

Take circular fashion as the future demand in the era of cheap/fast fashion and growing environmental hazards. Don't you think as an individual you need to make efforts too? You might have heard of slow/sustainable fashion, then think of the circular fashion of the same category. Under circular fashion, the consumer/buyer plays a vital role, and this entire process is not possible without your contribution as a buyer. In this article, you will read all about the merits and demerits of circular fashion and more. So in order to be an aware customer/buyer, keep reading till the end. 

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What Is Circular Fashion?

A circular fashion system is about circulating clothes or garments till their maximum retained value. After these clothes reach their maximum retained value, they should be ready to be safely returned to the biosphere. You can think of it as a cycle of products getting designed and developed with the thoughts of the next use. Just think about this possibility, what will happen if everyone buys a piece of used item just for a day? Think about the huge collection and its positive impact on the planet. No one is unaware of the environmental hazard caused by the fashion industry; that is why sustainable clothing is important, and hence circular fashion is a sister movement of it.

Think of your own what is the ideal fashion for the ecosystem. To put it in simple words, a fashion that is eco-friendly needs to be biodegradable, non-toxic, resource-efficient, and recyclable. So ideally, a fashion piece should be generated with all these in mind. The ultimate goal should be not to bring anything that could harm the environment; that is why circular fashion is a good plan.

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Principles Of Circular Fashion Economy

In order to support circular fashion and for the general fashion industry to be environmentally conscious, we need to have the following principles in place:

  1. All the products that get manufactured should have a purpose.
  2. The product should be designed for longevity.
  3. Designs should be resource-efficient.
  4. Fashion pieces should be biodegradable.
  5. They should be recyclable. 
  6. It should be free from toxicity, efficient, renewables, and made with good ethics.

Advantages of Circular Fashion Economy

Let's talk about some of the advantages of circular fashion:

  1. There will be less dependency on imported raw materials. 
  2. Brands that promote eco-friendly fashion will get benefits and a better public image.
  3. Less stress on the environment because of resource extraction.


Although there are advantages of circular fashion, we can not ignore its limitations at the same time. 

  • Circular fashion depends majorly on consumers' actions as they are the main character of the entire cycle. 
  • It is not easy to create a business model which is entirely based on recycled goods.

When you further read about circular fashion, you will understand its concepts and all the stigma related to it. 


circular fashion


Why Is Circular Fashion Important?

Global pollution is about to be nine billion by 2030, so you really think all of us will get the resources that are already limited and on the edge of getting exhausted. The motive behind circular fashion is to reduce the number of landfills and pollution caused by the fashion industry and let our ecosystem breathe for a bit. That is why the base principle is to make clothes safe and in a way that could be used as renewable materials.

The business models should increase their usage of old clothes that could be used by recycling into new ones. The motive is to create a future that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Sustainability in clothing and accessories is the first step required in a circular fashion, and if you buy sustainable products, then you can also be a part of circular fashion as a donor who is giving up their old clothes for further recycling. 

If you are asking yourself if circular fashion is a new trend, then the answer is that it is more than a trend. This is the necessity and demand of the future of fashion. Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched the Make Fashion Circular initiative in May 2017. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to foster collaboration with all the leaders of the textile industry, innovators, brands, and stakeholders in order to spread awareness regarding the circular fashion economy.

As per this initiative, the entire fashion industry needs to redesign its operating model. If the fashion industry starts to transform into a circular system, then think of the various economic opportunities a circular system can unlock. With a single brand, this transformation is not possible. For this to work, organizations, small and large brands, and influencers should come together and encourage the general public to do so to be more impactful. The Make Fashion Circular initiative is yet another signal that circular fashion is not just a trend but a shift to the right direction in the industry.

The Final Thoughts: 

It is hard to think of a business plan entirely based on circular fashion; it has its own difficulties. The concept of circular economy sustainability could be possible if you are able to find buyers of the same concern. Hope the content written above answered all your question and helped you with your searches. 

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