Seven Great Travel-Ready Crossbody Bags

Luna Afroz

Posted on June 23 2022

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Who doesn't like to travel across places while exploring the beauty of all those places? Well, travelling is indeed fun when you explore different places. How much stuff do you pack while you are travelling? Well, when it comes to packing things, what's the essential part that you always take care of? There are multiple things that one can put into your bag, but I am talking about bags. One always takes care of what bag they are carrying because that's one of the important things to choose when packing your stuff. But besides all these, having a perfect crossbody bag that can carry all your stuff from your cards, notes, phone, cosmetics, etc., makes travel easy as you do not need to worry about your essential belongings. 


If you search your web about women's crossbody travel bags, you will find plenty of bags with some mixed-up options. Under this article, as you can see from the topic, we are listing at least Seven great travelling bags that are crossbody and make your trip hassle-free while keeping all your stuff tidy.   



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Anti-Theft Crossbody bag 

If you are looking for a bag that could define your fashion sense while you are caring for all your stuff carefully while travelling, then you should have this bag in your wardrobe. You will get multiple chain compartments so you can manage all your necessities according to your wish. As this is a crossbody bag, you need to wear it over your shoulder, wrapping it around your waist. It is called anti-theft bags as no snatcher can snatch and run away as it will be hugging your body, keeping all your money and personal stuff close and safe. And you might have also seen multiple tourists caring for this crossbody travel bag around their bodies which shows how famous it is among travellers. 

Belt Bag

Here is another stylish crossbody bag for travel, which can match your style and keep your handle free while you are travelling. You need to wrap this belt bag around your waist; it comes with adjustable straps, and you will have 2-3 different chain compartments which you can use for caring for your cash, cards and phone if you are looking for a belt bag that you can match and wear with any of your dresses, then good for you as it comes in multiple different colours. While carrying this bag around your waist, you do not need to worry about your stuff getting lost or snatched. So you can follow your style and keep your essentials safe too.     

Tote Bags 

Tote bags are one of the famous types when comes to medium-large size bags that you can easily carry while travelling alone with your A4 size notebooks, bottles, cosmetics, charger, mobile, etc. tote bags are the most versatile bags, and every woman always has least a tote bag in their wardrobe. They are one of the best shoulder bags for travelling, and as they come with long adjustable straps, you can also carry them across your body. Tote bags come in multiple designs and colours, so you won't face any issues finding one for you according to your needs.  

Pouch Cross-Body Bag

Suppose you are looking for a lightweight crossbody bag because you do not want to carry too much weight while travelling; consider buying a Pouch crossbody bag. These come with a single chained compartment, and inside it is a small compartment. You can carry this bag as a sling or also as a crossbody. This bag has enough room for you to carry your phone, wallet, keys and some of your lipsticks. You will find plenty of varieties under it which come with multiple different colours so buy one according to your style and dress. 

Round Bag

Looking for other than typical square-shaped bags, then here is the round bag option for you. These bags come with multiple options and different material; there is a round crossbody bag that is made up of jute and inner lining, which mean it is a water-resistant crossbody bag and will keep your stuff secure from water too. These cute baskets look like round bags and are best to pair up with your summer dresses. These will give you an exotic look while you can be hands-free from all your stuff, including your phone. They come in medium sizes which are easy, light and comfortable to carry around while you are walking/travelling. 

Bucket Sling/Crossbody Bags

Another irregular shape bag under the cross body is Bucket/sling Crossbody bag. Yes, under travel crossbody bag criteria, you will find this one too. As per the name, they are bucket-shaped or cylindrical-shaped. You can carry your cards, cash, phone, some tissues, few cosmetics under it. They come with adjustable straps and a small holding hanger, which gives you the versatility to hold them in different styles too. Further, they come in multiple varieties in colours, so you can carry them on any occasion other than while travelling.

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Briefcase Cross Body Bags

Suppose you are someone who always wants a crossbody bag with pockets and not just 1 or 2 but multiple because you carry too many essentials with you. Then briefcase crossbody bags are the option for you; they come in all sizes and square/rectangular shapes. It has multiple compartments with lock chains for security. They are great to style with your chic, fashionable clothes. Now you will find plenty of unique designs and colours under this category. So it is also one of the must-to-have crossbody bags which every woman should have in their wardrobe.      




It is very important to choose a good travelling bag according to your comfort and requirement. Above in the article, we have listed some of the best crossbody bags for travel that are easy to carry and give comfort while you are carrying them. You can choose any one of them for your next travelling outfit. Hope the reading helped out in your research to find the best suited according to your style.


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