Five Types Of Environment-Friendly HandBags To Use

Luna Afroz

Posted on June 16 2022

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Sustainability is a term extensively used these days in our day-to-day life, and people are pretty concerned about buying eco-friendly products when it comes to fashion. If you are thinking about why people are shifting to eco-friendly fashion these days, then you need to upgrade your knowledge. If you have seen the statics, the fashion industry contributes around 10 per cent of the total carbon emission to the environment. Not just that, it is also polluting our resources, like drying up water sources and polluting rivers and streams. Each year around 85 per cent of the total textile goes to the dump, which causes land pollution. 


When we talk about fashion, it's not just about clothing; accessories are also included in the same list. Although plenty of brands on the market offer eco-friendly clothes, people are less aware of eco-friendly accessories like bags. In this article, we will be discussing some eco-friendly handbags that every girl or woman should have if they are planning on to buy some in the future. Suppose you are thinking about whether ethical leather bags will be on the list of our five environment-friendly handbags, then no, because faux leather is not good for nature. Although multiple other types like cactus or pine leather could be on this list, you should consider doing different research for that topic. For now, read the ultimate five types of environment-friendly handbags.   


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Five Types Of Environment-Friendly HandBags                        


Cotton Bags

These days people are widely using eco-friendly bags. If we talk about cotton bags, these are widely used for multiple purposes. Cotton bags are eco-friendly; they are lightweight and come in multiple varieties, and are quite fashionable. If you produce cotton sustainably, it could be very eco-friendly; they sustained over time for a long period of time. Cotton bags are quite cheap and durable; people are using cotton bags extensively in place of regular plastic grocery bags. First, come first; if you are looking for eco-friendly handbags, you should get a cotton bag. 

Combat Plastic Pollution

Looking for purses made from recycled materials here, you got an option. Combat plastic pollution bags are generally made of recycled material, so they do not end up in landfills causing land pollution. Although you can not call them fully eco-friendly, they sustain over time, reducing their potential to harm the earth. If you want to learn how to make a handbag out of recycled materials, you need to do more research. Under this, you can also research purses made from recycled bottles that sound innovative and will reduce the number of landfills and land pollution in upcoming years. 

Hemp Bags

Looking for some bags under which you can carry your drinks or anything that carries liquid. Multiple times our bottles leak, which causes leaking through our bags. Try using hemp bags; these are super-absorbent and soak everything quickly. Hemp is much stronger and is durable than cotton if you compare. You can carry as much weight as you want, and these bags will not stretch out of their shape because they have high tensile strength. You will find multiple varieties if you do not find the look of some of the bags too appealing. Most of the time, you will find multiple varieties of hemp bags around the beach area. This means you will find plenty of eco-friendly beach bags made up of Hemp fabric. 

Jute Bags

Jute bags are made up of natural vegetable fibre extracted from the jute plant's outer stem and skin. Using jute bags means using environmentally friendly bags that are eco-friendly and do not produce excessive pollution. However, jute is a versatile material that also makes the hessian cloth. However, jute material is mainly used to make durable, eco-friendly purses and bags. Jute is one of the eco-friendly options; they are tear-proof, which makes them stronger than cotton or paper bags, which means that they sustain over a longer period of time. Jute bags are stronger than cotton, and you can carry your hot food and heavy-weight bottle in them. Jute is the best example of eco-friendly handbags; these are easily compostable, which means they can disintegrate easily if left under the soil, causing no harm to the earth.  


Vegan Bags

Bamboo Bags

Bamboo bags are the best eco-friendly bags and could be your everyday bags. These are strong and stiff and yet light-weighted when you carry them around. Bamboo bags are best when it comes to sustainable bags, plus they cause no harm to the environment because they degrade quickly. Being eco-friendly, these are antibacterial and anti-fungal. You will find multiple varieties of such on the market, plus it will be one of your statement bags.


The Importance To Follow Eco-Friendly 

With the increasing environmental destruction and increasing carbon footprint. It is very important to support being eco-friendly in the era of fast fashion. Although there are multiple things, one should follow when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Let's see some of the points which will establish the fact why it is important to be eco-friendly:

  • Our fashion industry is a potential contributor to global warming, carbon dioxide emission and environmental destruction you can say in total. The pollution caused by fashion is affecting everyone living on this earth.   
  • People who use an authentic leather wearable are either unaware or are blindfolded about how cruel the entire production process is. Not only is it ethically and morally incorrect, but leather textile production is harmful to workers and causes water and land pollution.
  • Around 80 per cent of the total textile or clothes produced per year end up either in landfills or burned to cause carbon dioxide emissions into the environment, which is responsible for sudden climate change, global warming and many other climate changes in general.  

It is no new when humankind, in the name and greed, forgets about everything else than its own luxury. But if there is no tomorrow, it all is useless. That is why you need to be an aware consumer/ buyer when it comes to fashion. Include terms like being sustainable/ eco-friendly into your habits, which will also be aware of other buyers.      


In Short:

Eco-friendly and sustainability are the terms that are needed in the future. With the ongoing destruction, our ecosystem is suffocating. No one can stop you from shopping for new stuff, but you need to be an aware customer too at the same time. Every individual counts; that is why make your efforts in order to save the ecosystem. Under the above article, we have listed five alternative or eco-friendly handbags that you can use and contribute to eco-friendly or sustainability.  

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