Is Slow Fashion Movement Is Same As Sustainable Fashion

Luna Afroz

Posted on August 03 2022

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Fashion is not just styling clothes in fancy ways; fashion depicts your sense of styling, your personality, and your confidence in how you want your dress sense to show how you carry yourself in a different event or in your public life. The fashion industry is booming more than ever before; if we compare it from the early 90s or 80s era to till now, the difference is markable. But are you aware of the destruction caused by the fashion industry? If the growth is enormous, then think of the destruction that might have happened. The fashion industry is in the top third position of carbon emission; think how much it contributes to global carbon emission. As an aware consumer/buyer, you should ask how we can control it and what the alternative is. The simple answer is to stop the following trend and buy fast fashion items of clothing instead promote slow fashion and sustainable clothing.

There are many other terms like eco slow fashion, vegan fashion, eco-friendly fashion, sustainable fashion, etc. under this article, you will learn about problems and their solutions which are harmful to the environment. That is why you should read the article till the end.


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What Is Slow Fashion? 

The simple definition of slow fashion is not buying clothes frequently, which can be called the opposite of fast fashion. It is essential to think about mainstream production and behind-the-scenes production, which includes everything from production to manufacturing. Slow fashion advocates for the environment, and the real motive is to save water and all the other resources used during production.    

It is an innovative eco-friendly approach to fashion through which we can also focus on sustainability, recycling, or accepting pre-used/preloved/second-hand clothes. It is a way to encourage the idea of buying less-used clothes that are of better quality and can last longer. This way, you are saving those clothes from the landfill dump, which causes land pollution and then follows other forms of pollution. The slow fashion movement was launched due to the increasing environmental concern; now, it has become a demand as per the increasing risks.  

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion supports designed, manufactured, distributed, and environmentally friendly clothing. Sustainable clothing advocates for the ecosystem, and the main motive is to make clothes that buyers can use for longer. If you look at the dictionary, "sustainability" is defined as a

'Get away from the insufficiency of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance.' The new tag line for the fashion industry is "take>make>dispose of," and sustainability taking as a factor makes the entire process eco-friendly. 

Sustainable means bearable means clothing that can bear with us over time. If you have put your money into a product which obvs means you want to use them for a longer period of time. Clothes which are made up of good quality clothes can sustain over time. Fast fashion clothes are made of cheap materials, which is why people throw them away. Plus, they harm the Earth because they do not decompose quickly and, by burning, cause harmful carbon emissions. At the same time, sustainable clothes are made up of organic fabrics which do not cause any harm to the environment. That is how sustainable slow fashion is also eco-friendly. 

Correlation Between Slow And Sustainable Fashion

Talking about slow and sustainable fashion, they both are sister movements which carry the same goal of making eco-friendly clothing/fashion. They have multiple other sister movements like ethical slow fashion, which includes other minor chapters of the fashion industry like better working conditions for workers, followed by their rights, etc. Still, the end goal of all other movements other than fast fashion is to stop or reduce environmental stress. So you can call all these other movements "anti-fast fashion." 

Let's learn about the main topic of our discussion, which is how the slow and sustainable fashion movements resemble each other. The question here is, are slow fashion movements and sustainable movement the same thing? The clear answer is yes, to a certain extent; let's see how and what similarities they both carry: 

  1. Talking about slow and sustainable fashion, both aim to keep the environment safe and create eco-friendly clothing.
  2. Because slow fashion clothing keeps passing to the new owners, they sustain over time, and that is how they fall under sustainable clothing.
  3. Sustainable clothing means saving the environment by making good quality clothes that can live longer, which promotes slow fashion.
  4. Slow fashion clothes are easy to decompose as they increase their liability time period. At the same time, sustainable clothes are made to bear with time.

    Hence, in simple terms, you can say slow fashion movement and sustainable movement are two opposite sides of a single coin. Both advocate eco-friendly clothes and wish to reduce the stress on the environment.

How Slow And Sustainable Fashion Is Good For Ecosystems?

Remember, you should not convert into greed because there is no limit to greed. Fashion is a language through which you express your personality and your comfort, and how a person dresses up and carries the accessories tells a story. This article discusses sustainable clothing under sustainable fashion, but you can also buy sustainable accessories like handbags, jewellery, etc. When you choose sustainability, you choose to save the resources which are used to make that single piece of clothing. Using a clothing/fashion piece for a more extended period makes the decomposition process easy for that product.

All the resources that have been used for the production of all the clothes, by switching to sustainable clothing, you will be promoting not only eco-friendly clothing but also stopping the overproduction. One of the reasons why fast fashion is toxic to the ecosystem is because they believe in overproduction, which leads to the landfill/dumps of unused clothes. Those cheap materials are non-decomposable, which causes land pollution later; due to their poor quality during emission, they further cause carbon emission. Now think, by switching to slow/sustainable fashion, you can literally make a change as an individual. If you promote more people after following it, then you can make a massive change in the pollution statics in your area.          

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The Final Conclusion: 

Fashion is good until it's not causing any environmental hazard, but it is impossible not to create pollution of any kind. This is why you need to find an innovative way to control them; the above article is about the alternative movements of slow fashion. The main motive is to take some stress off the ecosystem and to secure our future. If pollution and fast fashion go hand-in-hand at the same speed, then the destruction is confirmed, which is why we need to take the necessary steps to stop/control it all. 

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