5 Healthy Ways to Start an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Luna Afroz

Posted on July 27 2022

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We are really on the edge when we talk about creating an eco-friendly environment, as per increasing environmental hazards. We all need to understand our commitment towards the environment we live in. Following an eco-friendly lifestyle shouldn't be a trend because it is the need/demand of the future planet that we live in. People often think about what difference they will be making in the world of over a billion of population. But change starts from itself, as you can not expect the world and industrialization to change if you are making no efforts. In this article, we will be compiling some easy and healthy ways through which you can start reducing stress on the environment. 

Note that when we talk about starting an eco-friendly lifestyle, it includes and impacts all aspects of your lifestyle. For instance, how and what things you use in your household which are not eco-friendly, talking about your wardrobe and changing them into more sustainable and eco-friendly collections, and many other things. In order to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, start with small things that you can change and incorporate inside your living. Then later, convert them into your habit, and once they become your habits, habits never change that easily. So let's see how you can change your old habits in order to make some new and good ones. 



Avoid Plastic Materials 

While talking about getting eco-friendly, your first ought should be to decrease plastic usability. You will ask how we can reduce plastic products' usage when they come in plastic bottles or bags. We all have heard of the 3-Rs, so here comes the chance to use those 3-R's. First, comes to Reduce; Yes, you can reduce the usage of plastic material by choosing brands that do not promote plastic packing and have eco-friendly packaging. Reuse, instead of throwing away your plastic bottles, you can use them in your household containers. Recycle once you think your reused plastic bottle has exceeded its usability life instead of throwing them in the garbage. Give them up for recycling. 

Quit Using Plastic Bags   

According to statistics, the plastic industry is responsible for 6 percent of global oil consumption; also, if we do not control these numbers, it will be 20 per cent in the next two decades. There are many other alternatives for plastic bags; you can choose canvas bags, which are much more eco-friendly and sustainable. When it comes to handbags, you should also avoid bags which are made up of harmful poor plastic material or polyester. These plastic materials do not decompose easily and cause soil and land pollution. 

Here are some benefits of using eco bags, and you can also educate your children to follow the same while growing up:

  • Conserve resources. 
  • Cause less pollution.
  • You don't need to recycle them, as you can easily decompose them.
  • They are more sustainable.

If you dig deep into this topic, you will explore more reasons why you should avoid plastic. By simply using an eco-bag instead of a plastic bag, and you will reduce the stress on the environment. So why not live an eco-friendly life?

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Reduce Energy Usage

Saving up on your energy usage is a win-win situation for you and for the ecosystem. Energy conservation means resource conservation; you do not need to convert your house's entire infrastructure for it. Just follow some easy steps:


  • Cut down your electricity usage; for instance, use natural sunlight instead of electrical light.
  • Instead of taking a long hot bath, try to take a short bath as per requirement. This way, you won't be wasting too much water. 
  • If you have any leaky sink leaks, fix them as soon as possible. 
  • Do not leave your unused plugs on your electronic devices. 
  • Use your air conditioners accordingly, which will not only save up your electricity and energy but also your money. 
  • One of the essential things is to teach your children to switch off the fans and lights of their room while leaving.


Like the above-mentioned tips, there are many other small steps you can follow to ensure you are maintaining eco-friendly surroundings inside your household.        

Buy Sustainable And Eco-friendly Products

Let's talk about one of the main spots inside your house, which could also be a medium that causes environmental pollution. We are talking about your wardrobe. Have you ever shopped for eco-friendly products? Suppose you check your wardrobe and investigate what your clothes are made up of. In that case, there are greater chances that 50% of the clothes could be made up of polyester, rayon, nylon, etc., materials which do not decompose easily. And 20% of them could be made of cotton or organic materials. Rest, 30% could be of mixed materials. So when we say buy eco-friendly, it means do not follow fast fashion and buy sustainable clothes and accessories. Shopping eco-friendly means checking the tags before buying, checking the materials used, manufacturing, etc. Also, even if you are buying small accessories like a handbag, you can search for eco-friendly bags online if you do not want to come in stores for the investigation, and you will find plenty of options.                

Reduce The Use Of Motor Vehicles

While talking about carbon emission and pollution causes, let's not forget that motor vehicles produce one of the major carbon emissions. It is very important to address this problem, but there is nothing new that you will learn under this section. You have been learning these steps since your primary classes, but there are some reminder tips that you can follow in order to reduce your individual carbon footprint:


  • Try to avoid the use of a car for short distances like under 1-2 Km until there is no emergency. 
  • Choose to walk more or pick a cycle to travel a short distance. 
  • Instead of operating your own car, you can also use public transportation.
  • Encourage your community to carpool; this way, you can least reduce the carbon emission in your own locality.
  • These days there are e-vehicles also, so you can also switch to them. Instead of fossil fuels running cars or bikes.  


Following these tiny steps will impact more and make a huge difference if hundreds of people follow them wisely. 

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The Final Thought: 


All of us are unaware of the current environmental conditions, but if we still don't act. The future with no pure oxygen to breathe, may not be too far. You may face many health-related issues if you are not living a healthy lifestyle. But living an eco-friendly lifestyle helps you and your surroundings. We have listed some of the tips/ways through which you can initiate living an eco-friendly lifestyle. At least, we hope you got some knowledge through this article.      


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