Vegan Fashion Is A Key To Vegan Lifestyle

Luna Afroz

Posted on August 10 2022

Vegan Fashion Is A Key To Vegan Lifestyle

Shopping for the right fashion article is not easy as compared in the past era; it's not about just clothing these days. Fashion has become all about being eco-friendly, sustainability, and veganism. Today we are going to talk about one of these movements. Talking about vegan fashion, which is the newest trend in the world of fashion. Customers who are aware of the environment's current situation know how much harm the fashion industry is causing to the ecosystem. The fashion industry is one of the major contributors to the total carbon emission, which causes problems like global warming, sudden climate change, etc.; as per our topic, you might be thinking what the relation between the vegan lifestyle/fashion and the eco-friendly environment is. For better understanding, let's study vegan fashion and how it affects the environment. First, let's see how the fashion industry's collaboration with the meat industry is ruining our ecosystem and how following veganism is saving it all.  

What Is Vegan Fashion And How It Is Contributing To The Environment?


Vegan fashion is all about not using any clothing piece which is derived from animals. Nothing should include any animal-derived material throughout the entire processing from production to manufacturing. This is the true definition of vegan fashion; veganism in itself advocates for animal welfare and no cruelty.

We all have heard about leather products such as leather bags, shoes and other fashion articles. Well, talking about the leather industry and the harmful environmental effects caused by them are no new. Firstly, taking the life of an innocent animal for the sake of your own fashion is no good. Secondly, there are many other environmental hazards caused by non-vegan fashion. Let's discuss some of those in the section below:

  1. First come first, during leather processing, environmental hazards and several health-related problems also occur for the workers.
  2. The use of multiple different types of chemicals during the leather processing and their release into the water bodies cause water pollution, which leads to aquatic and human health.
  3. Due to excess exposure and release of chemicals, then getting in contact with soil causes soil pollution, air pollution and different skin diseases also.   

 So, when we talk about vegan fashion, we talk with the vision of saving the environment in all the above ways. Leather production is no good to anybody except brands who are earning and producing them. 


Ways to adopt vegan fashion to pursue a vegan lifestyle   


Talking about vegan fashion and a vegan lifestyle, you can not change your surrounding and yourself over a night. Evolution takes time, plus no one is telling you to throw all the non-vegan things out of your house or closet, and we suggest you not promote it in the future. This is why when it comes to vegan fashion, these are the things you should be careful of while shopping to have a vegan and eco-friendly closet. 

  1. Check the tags before you buy anything; being vegan doesn't mean not buying leathers. You should not buy anything made up of animal by-products like wool, silk, etc.
  2. Check the manufacturing and production details to get the full product information to ensure you are buying an authentic vegan fashion piece.
  3. Find good leather alternatives; for example, you can find a plethora of vegan leather tote bags if you are looking for bags in leather look-like variety, which will look like authentic leather but cruelty-free. 

    Also, you can shop from plant-based materials for clothing when it comes to shopping eco-friendly, which is also vegan. 

    As said before, you can not have a vegan lifestyle overnight, which is why to take the very first step by picking up vegan fashion articles for your closet. Following the above steps will help you go vegan in terms of fashion articles.

    Now slowly-slowly take steps like quitting meat or bringing any dairy products into your home. After your closet, your diet and eating should be the next step toward a vegan lifestyle. This way, one after another, keep targeting different fields or areas in your surrounding. Slowly-slowly you will start to follow veganism as a lifestyle of your own. 

How Vegan Is Eco-friendly?  


Veganism is not just a trend but the demand of fashion’s future. You will find multiple different sister movements of vegan fashion like sustainable fashion, eco-friendly fashion, slow fashion, etc.; the end goal of every one of them is to keep the ecosystem free from pollution. Talking about the leather industry, leather production is disastrous; it causes the emergence of deforestation, biodiversity loss, and greenhouse gas emissions. Not just that, this process takes a lot of energy, water and chemicals while the tanning process. People often think that bags and clothing articles made of leather are biodegradable, but it depends on the tanning process.  


Talking about vegan leather, if you are wondering what vegan leather is made of, then you will find multiple different varieties of vegan leather in the market. Suppose you want to buy a vegan leather tote bag; just by typing the right keyword in your search engine, you can find multiple options. Under vegan fashion, you can find multiple varieties, most of which will be purely organic and eco-friendly. So when you are buying vegan fashion, pay a little more attention to the attached tags on the garment for the sustainability of the cloth. 

Last but not least, remember vegan doesn’t always mean eco-friendly. So before buying anything vegan, check out the materials used if you want to buy a sustainable and eco-friendly product; for further knowledge, do your necessary research on the subject separately.  


The Final Thoughts:


Being vegan means you do not promote cruelty and neither pay for the same. Following vegan fashion will motivate you to follow a vegan lifestyle. You are what you believe in; once you start your journey from a station toward a vegan lifestyle, you will reach somewhere at your destination milestone. In the article above, we have tried to include some ways for you to start your journey in vegan fashion, which surely will encourage you to follow a vegan lifestyle.    

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