Saving the Planet in Style: Luna Bags' Earth Day Celebration!

Luna Afroz

Posted on June 05 2023

Saving the Planet in Style: Luna Bags' Earth Day Celebration!
Earth Day celebration

On April 22, a group of artists, non-profit and for-profit organizations came together and celebrated Earth Day in Berkeley. Nowadays almost everyone has heard about climate change, earth is getting warmer and warmer day by day. However, people are still living life the way they have been living - expecting someone else to initiate the change.

Climate change is a man-made phenomena. Due to industrialization, factory farming and over expenditure by humans, the earth is facing a tremendous pressure that it had not experienced before. We are experiencing rising temperatures and increased number of storms, cyclones and floods. And every year, the natural disasters are becoming stronger and more powerful.

Eco-friendly fashion

On Earth Day, Luna Bags, along with other sustainable organizations participated in a sustainability and activism themed fashion show. A group of models carried signs showcasing the impact of climate change and factory farming. The fashion show emphasized and conveyed the information that climate change is caused by humans. As a result, we are experiencing increased levels of greenhouse gases. Carbon-di-Oxide and Methane are two such greenhouse gases. Carbon-di-oxide constitute 65% of the greenhouse gases. Burning of fossil fuel and deforestations are resulting in an increasing level of Carbon-di-oxide. Methane emissions are resulting from livestocks, land use, and the decay of organic waste in municipal solid waste landfills.

Sustainable fashion

The fashion show successfully conveyed how factory farming is linked with climate change. Factory farming is cruel! Besides resulting in torture and massive loss of animals’ lives, it results in deforestation and produces massive amount of greenhouse gases every year.

vegan bags

Luna Bags co-sponsored the event along with the Downtown Berkeley Association. The event program included music, popup and fashion show. Luna Bags showcased its beautiful vegan bags collection. Soneha showcased its vegan and sustainable show collection and 3littlewix displayed its wonderful and environmentally friendly candle collection. Two locally renowned artists showcased their collection. The other participants were Half Price Books (a nationally renowned used book chain store), UN-USA Mid Pen (the mid-peninsula chapter of UN-USA), Direct Action Everywhere (an animal rights activists' organization) and Citizens’ Climate Lobby (A climate change advocacy organization).

Although, globally, April 22nd is the designated date for Earth Day, we have to remember that every day is Earth Day. Without Earth, we don’t exist!



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