Sustainable Fashion: Where The Industry Is Heading In 2022

Luna Afroz

Posted on August 20 2022

Sustainable Fashion: Where The Industry Is Heading In 2022

Compare the increase of sustainability and eco-friendliness in the fashion industry from the past decade to this. You surely will see a significant difference in the numbers, in processing to manufacturing. You might not know, but the fashion industry contributes around 10 percent to global warming and greenhouse gas emission, which is obviously not good for the environment.

We simply can not blame the big brand for the processing because, as a consumer, we are equally responsible. Talking about sustainable fashion, it advocates for environmentally friendly fashion articles. Sustainable fashion is driven by adopting techniques that make fashion less frightening to the environment. As an aware customer, you should consider adopting minimalism and a sustainable lifestyle. Although it all is not just a one-day thing, you should start your journey to take some stress out of the environment. which is why in this article, we will be talking about some ways to follow regarding minimalist wardrobe.  


Tips For Sustainable Wardrobe


In this section of the article, we will discuss some simple methods anybody can follow. If you want to make your wardrobe sustainable, you will also be reducing your carbon footprint. Meanwhile, as an individual, it is an initiative that you should take to reduce the stress on the ecosystem. Also, remember all the points you're gonna read in the following article, do not limit the concept of sustainability to your clothing article. You have to apply it to every fashion article; this way, even if you are buying a handbag, it will be an eco-friendly handbag; if it's a jacket, shoes, or clothes, they all will be sustainable in order to be eco-friendly.

Thrift fashion is one of the greatest options:

Thrift fashion is all about buying pre-loved or second-hand fashion articles; it could be anything from clothes and bags to shoes. There has been a rise in thrift fashion for the past few years; I mean, who doesn't want good quality clothes at a cheap rate? What do you think all the A-listed personalities and influencers do with their clothes which they hardly wear from once or twice? Yes, that is how thrift fashion works; those clothes are bought by people who promote thrift fashion. Proponents of sustainable fashion have begun to fully embrace the purchase of thrift or second-hand clothes, discarding the notion that wearing thrift is downgrading one's social status. Thrift markets are flooded with customers, and the numbers are expected to rise in 2022.

Thrift fashion decreases the amount of landfill and land pollution. If there wouldn't be a concept of thrift fashion and those clothes would've ended in the landfill or might have caused carbon emissions.

Check The Tags Attached:

Although customers these days are aware of their choices and style of what they want to wear, every individual has their own fashion sense. Won't it be great if you further narrow your preferences to something more sustainable and eco-friendly? The harm caused to the ecosystem due to our fashion trends and fast fashion is not a secret. You are probably wondering how you can shop more sustainably; it is easy to pay attention to the tags attached to those fashion articles before you go to the billing counter. Check for the raw materials that have been used during the manufacturing of the following piece. A product needs to be easy to decompose in order to be eco-friendly. You can also pick some brands that are based on sustainable or eco-friendly fashion. Also, check the carbon footprint of the water consumption of brands you are shopping for and how sustainable they are.  

Capsule Wardrobe :

People are looking into getting a minimalist closet to reduce overconsumption and cut down on clothes junks. Gone are when people would purchase assorted clothing that would only be worn sparingly or occasionally. They were leaving the end of the majority of these clothes in dumpsites. This has caused the fashion industry and clothing manufacturers to respond by limiting the production of excessive clothing and using more available colours to produce apparel, keeping it to the bare minimum. You should manage your wardrobe every two weeks because you will get to know about all the clothes in your possession that you might not be aware of. The next step should be to be more creative with your clothes; try layering to wear those clothes more often.  

 Sustainable Fashion

Rent Instead Of Buying :

Renting instead of buying is a good thought. Suppose you have an event to attend and you want to wear something according to it. You are probably not going to wear that piece of clothes again in your life, which is why you spend your money on it and do not make the purchase worth it. Instead, just rent the clothes you want for a day and save up to 80-90 percent of your money. Also, you can borrow clothes from your friends and let them borrow your clothes for some occasion. It is a very effective method for following a sustainable, fashionable habit. 

Avoid fast fashion :

Fast fashion is one of the main reasons why the stress and pollution of the environment are increasing day by day. Fast fashion is about following trends, and trends are supposed to change every other week or month. These days fashion changes according to the seasons. Earlier there used to be only three to four of them, but now the fashion industry has 13 minor seasons according to which the trend changes. Fast fashion is full of resource waste, which causes ecosystem pollution. Instead, buy sustainable clothes which you are probably gonna wear all year long. Also, giving up on following fast fashion is the first step you should take while maintaining a sustainable living and wardrobe.   


How Sustainable Fashion Is Affecting The Fashion Industry 


Sustainable fashion is not just a trend; looking at the statistics or data on how we are suffocating the planet for the sake of clothes. We should call sustainable fashion pocket-friendly, eco-friendly, or something which is trendy. It will not change the fact that it is the requirement of the fashion situation we are in. In order to save resources and reduce the amount of landfill, this is one of the best things you should be following. So my personal opinion is sustainable fashion has a long shot in the fashion industry. Take it as an evolving process, which is beneficial for our ecosystem and for us. Some brands are laying out their principles in this movement, promoting eco-friendly habits and fashion articles. So it is a win-win situation.    


The Final Thoughts:


Sustainability is not a new concept; it also brings the concept of minimalism to the table. To harm a living being or the environment for the sake of every changing trend is not good for anyone. As Rome wasn't built in a day or two, you have to keep up with the process of following sustainable fashion every time you go out to buy anything. Hope the article above was informative enough for you to make you aware of something you didn't know.   

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