Top 5 Décor Secrets for a Minimalist Wardrobe

Luna Afroz

Posted on July 27 2022

Top 5 Decor Secrets for a Minimalist Wardrobe -


Don't we sound like hypocrites when we talk about saving the ecosystem and environment around us while following fast fashion and buying the bulk of clothes just to maintain our fashion standards? If you are an aware customer, then you might be aware of the destruction caused by the fashion industry. The days of us blaming only the big organizations for all the harmful things are over as we are equally sinful as them because we are promoting such things. Talking about something like fashion and clothes that you carry in your everyday life is also somehow affecting the increasing pollution in the environment. But let's talk about the place where you keep all your fashion/clothing pieces. 

If you ever researched on what actions you can take instead of following fast fashion, you might have come across terms like follow sustainable/eco-frindly/vegan closet or fashion. At the same time, you might have also read about slow fashion and minimalist wardrobe. Well, they are different things, but you can call them sister movements of each other as the ultimate goal is to stop the waste of resources, not increase pollution, and decrease the number of landfills. 

We understand a minimalist lifestyle is not easy to follow and if you are someone who likes everything chic and in a fashionable manner, then it could be really hard for you. In order to keep your wardrobe minimalist and fashionable at the same time, we are listing the top 5 ways you follow and maintain your minimalist wardrobe.         


Five Ways To Maintain & Decorate A Minimalist Wardrobe

As we are talking about maintaining a minimalist wardrobe and looking for ways you can decorate your wardrobe at the same time, here we have listed some ways to do so. One thing you all need to understand is that minimalism means having less useful things; it promotes quality over quantity. That is why ways to decorate a wardrobe will also consist of a few organic things. Which also in order to follow minimalism, these all are organic methods through which your wardrobe can look cool, clean and fashionable in its own way. 

So if you are someone who is looking to start a minimalist wardrobe, then read all the points carefully, and they will help you in the long run. 


Carefully Analyze Your Collection

This is the first step that you should take in order to convert your closet into a minimalist closet. For sure, your closet might be filled with all types of clothes and stuff that you thought you might need someday, but it is occupying space unnecessarily. You do not need to stuff your wardrobe with things you do not use; this way, you will have a clear eye for what you will be using in your daily life. 


So better take out all the clothes or footwear that you do not wear anymore. No, do not throw them away; instead, you can either donate them or make a closet clearance sale this way, someone else can wear or style them. Closet clearance is important; this way, you get to know all the clothes in your possession that you might have forgotten about also.  


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Buy Matching Hangers 

Yes, go and buy matching hangers for yourself. You should change all your mismatched hangers and buy all matching hangers for your wardrobe. Also, buy hangers according to the number of clothes you have, so a total number of clothes is equal to the number of clothes. If you want your closet to look fashionable, then you can do this, buy hangers that will match your wardrobe color. 


Do Not Get Attached To Your Clothes  

If you are keeping an old dress that you do not wear anymore, but you are keeping those clothes because they either seem pretty or else you have some related sentiments connected to them. Minimalism means using minimum things that are useful for you and donating or removing all the other things that might be occupying space in your wardrobe. 

It is important to clear the air inside this way you will get space for your new clothes which you need, plus your old clothes will get more recognition and space, and you will be able to involve them in your style. 


If It Doesn't Fit, You Do Not Need It

We often buy and keep clothes that we buy because of the thought that they may look pretty on us. But sometimes we buy clothes which do not fit our size, thinking that we will put ourselves on a diet and one day we will wear them. You should stop doing this because this way, you are just collecting more stuff and not even using them at the current time.

Minimalism is about buying things for your use and giving up all others that are of no use; this way, you are clearing your personal space. Also, the purpose behind it is to save resources and cause less pollution. So when buying limited and needed items, you will be using them for a longer time compared to the one that you are buying because you think you need them.      


Things You Should Have In Your Wardrobe     

Clothes are the ones that can tell how fashionable and minimalist you are. For example, keeping an experimental dress that you are probably going to wear just once or twice VS your basic clothes that are comfortable and you will be wearing for weeks. Let's see what things you should have in your closet which are less in number and are also very useful.


  • You should have three to four long-sleeved shirts in your collection.
  • If you are looking for a woman's minimalist closet, then you should consider buying two-three cardigans or sweaters to layer it up with your tank tops. 
  • Have one to two business-appropriate outfits, and keep the blazers and jackets you have in a separate section. Also, try to involve them more in your casual outfits to make your basic clothes chic.   

These are some basic necessities that you should have; further, you can include other things that you think are important for your basic clothes. Also, you should organize them in the proper shelf so that you can easily get access to them while you are dressing. This way you can see all the clothes in your possession which will help you not to shop necessarily.


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In Short: 

Living a minimalistic lifestyle will help you detox your surrounding. Having a minimalistic wardrobe is the best decision you can take to contribute to creating a healthy environment. We hope that you follow this movement in order to save our ecosystem. Hope the above written article will shed some light on things you you might not have thought of previously. Also hope this article might help you to have some minimalist closet ideas


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